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Nanocoder – IT Services is a company made by a group of young and ambitious people who took part in individual projects in order to jointly face new challenges in programming technology. The age of a group does not belittle professionalism and creativity of our projects.

The business directs its offers towards small and medium enterprises. We provide services in designing and creating:

  • websites,
  • online shops,
  • database systems,
  • mobile applications.

Our activities are based on dissection of needs of our clients. On the grounds that, we prepare an adequate solution. We support our clients’ businesses in promotion and work automation. The company is focused on a constant personal growth of its employees in order to improve and broaden the range of offers provided.

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Currently, most of the companies cannot do without websites. It is a pillar of a contemporary services or products promotion. Websites that are made by our company have a pleasant artwork and needed functionality that is based on Content Management System. Website positioning is made in order to increase potential of owners on the market.

strony internetowe - ikona


Having a website on your own involves the graphic updating or extending its functions. Our team helps the owners in using their services. We provide services in reinventing managing system of content of websites and extending visuals parts and mechanical sites.

strony internetowe - ikona


Every developing company needs efficient support mechanisms. Our software is designed and configured to our constituents’ needs in order to fairly automate business processes and to store data in a safe way.

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Premium SMS service management system

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Information systems for industry

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